01 CH 0001 – 0100

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Serial No. Description Bw/Col Book No Page No Supplier
CH0001 Japanese Prisoners Constructing the Runway, c1945.    B/w One 1    M150
CH0002 Japanese Prisoners Constructing the Runway, c1945.    B/w One 1    M150
CH0003 Japanese Prisoners Constructing the Runway, c1945.    B/w One 1    M150
CH0004 Japanese Prisoners Constructing the Runway.    B/w One 1    M150
CH0005 Crashed Japanese Aircraft   1945    B/w One 2    M150
CH0006 Crashed Japanese Aircraft   1945    B/w One 2    M150
CH0007 Avro York. The First Aircraft to Land on the New Runway    B/w One 2    M150
CH0008 Tented Accomodation Alongside the New Runway    B/w One 3    M015
CH0009 5006 Squadron RAF Airfield Construction Unit.    B/w One 3    M015
CH0010 Japanese Prisoners Constructing the Runway.1945    B/w One 4    M015
CH0011 Japanese Prisoners Constructing the Runway 1945    B/w One 4    M015
CH0012 Derelict Japanese Aircraft Alongside the Runway.    B/w One 5    M015
CH0013 Crashed and Derelict Japanese Aircraft    B/w One 5    M015
CH0014 Basic Open Air Bath Arrangements.    B/w One 6    M015
CH0015 Astra Cinema    B/w One 7    M113
CH0016 WAAF Block    B/w One 7    M113
CH0017 WAAF Block and Orderly Room.    B/w One 7    M113
CH0018 Chalet Club.    B/w One 7    M113
CH0019 Japanese Prisoners Working on the Runway. 1946    B/w One 8    M113
CH0020 Runway Prior to the Start of Construction.    B/w One 8    M113
CH0021 Changi Prison    B/w One 8    M113
CH0022 D’ Watch, Outside of Signals Section.    B/w One 8    M113
CH0023 LACW Barbara Jones at the Air Movements Board 1947    B/w One 9    M113
CH0024 LACW Penny Hebden at the Control Desk.    B/w One 9    M113
CH0025 Spitfire of 28 squadron.    B/w One 10    M113
CH0026 Terminal Building and Dispersal.    B/w One 10    M113
CH0027 VHF Transmitters    B/w One 10    M113
CH0028 Letter to C.O. from Japanese Prisoner Expressing Thanks for Xmas Break.    B/w One 11    M113
CH0029 Hand Drawn Map of Changi Camp Circa 1946/47    B/w One 12    M113
CH0030 Three Airmen- Possibly Richard Bennett and Two Others.    B/w One 13 M450
CH0031 Vehicles Parked Outside of Barrack Block.    B/w One 13 M450
CH0032 Vehicle Parked Outside of Unknown Camp Building.    B/w One 13 M450
CH0033 Two Coaches.    B/w One 14 M450
CH0034 Vehicles Parked Outside of Terminal Building.    B/w One 14 M450
CH0035 Battery Hill 15″ Gun with Bill White (M511) in the Barrel.    B/w One 15 M511
CH0036 Gracie Fields at Changi Airfield.    B/w One 15    M511
CH0037 Japanese Suicide Aircraft on Changi Airfield, June 8th. 1946.    B/w One 15    M511
CH0038 First Battle of Britain Parade, 14.9.1946. Taken by Air Marshal Sir G. Pirie.    B/w One 17    M108
CH0039 WAAF Under the Command of Group Captain R. Ryley, CO of Changi.    B/w One 17    M108
CH0040 Changi Hospital Block 37, 1946.    B/w One 18    M108
CH0041 War Graves by the Airstrip, (Later Removed)   1946.    B/w One 18    M108
CH0042 On Parade, 1946.    B/w One 19    M133
CH0043 Air Traffic Control Tower.    B/w One 19    M133
CH0044 Crash Crew – DUKW and Tenders.    B/w One 20    M133
CH0045 Rear End of Unknown Aircraft.    B/w One 20    M133
CH0046 Moquitoes on the Dispersal.    B/w One 21    M133
CH0047 Avro York Loading/Unloading.    B/w One 21    M133
CH0048 Avro York Rolling.    B/w One 21    M133
CH0049 Consolidated Liberator.    B/w One 22    M133
CH0050 RAAF Liberator Nose Art.    B/w One 22    M133
CH0051 No. 52 Squadron Parade Orders.    B/w One 23    M133
CH0052 No. 52 Squadron, Changi, 15.9.1947    B/w One 24    M133
CH0053 Field Marshall Montgomery Arriving at Changi on his Way to Australia.    B/w One 25    M133
CH0054 Field Marshall Montgomery Inspecting the Guard of Honour.    B/w One 25    M133
CH0055 Air Marshall Pirie Inspecting the RAF Regiment.    B/w One 26    M133
CH0056 Air Vice Marshall Breakly and Wing Commander Arthur on Inspection.    B/w One 26    M133
CH0057 WAAF’s on Parade.    B/w One 26    M133
CH0058 Avro Lancaster ‘Excalibur’, Air Armament Mission.    B/w One 27    M133
CH0059 Operation Redlion’. No. 7 Squadron Visiting from the United Kingdom.    B/w One 27    M133
CH0060 Aircraft Parked on the Apron.    B/w One 28    M133
CH0061 Refuelling Bowser and Crew.    B/w One 28    M133
CH0062 Japanese POW’s on Traffic Duty, Southern End of the Runway.    B/w One 29    M133
CH0063 The First Crash at Changi.    B/w One 29    M133
CH0064 Gloster Meteor.    B/w One 30    M133
CH0065 Chew Cheong Watch Makers Card.    B/w One 30    M133
CH0066 Christmas 1946 – Control Tower Staff.    B/w One 31    M133
CH0067 Crash Crew – 1946.    B/w One 31    M133
CH0068 Unknown Control Room.    B/w One 32    M133
CH0069 ‘Aries 1’, Rolling.    B/w One 32    M133
CH0070 18″ Gun    B/w One 33    M389
CH0071 Ammunition for 18″ Gun.    B/w One 33    M389
CH0072 Japanese Suicide Aircraft.    B/w One 33    M389
CH0073 China Arts Card.    B/w One 34     ?
CH0074 Paradise Silk Store Card.    B/w One 34     ?
CH0075 Season Watch Maker Card.    B/w One 34     ?
CH0076 The Station Warrant Officer’s Office and the Post Office.    B/w One 35    M186
CH0077 The Motor Transport Section.    B/w One 35    M186
CH0078 Changi Swimming Pool.    B/w One 36    M186
CH0079 Japanese Prisoners Awaiting Transportation Back to Changi Gaol from MT Yard B/w One 36    M186
CH0080 Lancaster of No. 7 Squadron. ‘Operation Red Lion’   Jan/Feb 1947.    B/w One 37    M186
CH0081 Front of Dakota.    B/w One 37    M186
CH0082    ditto    B/w One 37    M186
CH0083    ditto    B/w One 37    M186
CH0084    ditto    B/w One 37    M186
CH0085 Nose of Avro Lincoln, ‘Thor 2’.    B/w One 39    M186
CH0086 The Rudder of Dakota ‘Lilli Marlene’.    B/w One 39    M186
CH0087 Avro Lancastrian.    B/w One 39    M186
CH0088 Lockheed Lodestar.    B/w One 39    M186
CH0089 Netherlands East Indies Air Liner, ‘Flying Dutchman’ 1947.   (DC6)    B/w One 40    M186
CH0090 Dakotas at Dispersal. 19.5.1946.    B/w One 40    M186
CH0091 De Haviland DH 86B. 27.11.1946.    B/w One 40    M186
CH0092 Air Marshall Sir George Pirie, V.J. Parade 1946.    B/w One 41    M186
CH0093 RAF Changi Sign.    B/w One 41    M186
CH0094 Top Floor of Block 141.    B/w One 41    M186
CH0095 Field Marshall Montgomary at Changi.    B/w One 41    M186
CH0096 Main View of Block 141.    B/w One 41    M186
CH0097 Air Command Far East Head Quarters Base Accounts Office, Block 40.    B/w One 42    M186
CH0098 Changi Market.    B/w One 42    M186
CH0099 Changi Beach.    B/w One 42    M186
CH0100 Road to Changi – 11th. Mile, 9.8.46.    B/w One 42    M186