02 CH 0101 – 0200

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Serial No. Description Bw/Col Book No Page No Supplier
CH0101 Changi Barrack Blocks with Laundry in Foreground.    B/w One 42    M186
CH0102 George Shaw on Japanese Radial Engine.    B/w One 43    M186
CH0103 Ron Munro, Ray Mortimer and Bill Penton.    B/w One 43    M186
CH0104 Japanese ‘Tony’ Aircraft.    B/w One 43    M186
CH0105 Japanese ‘Diana’ Aircraft.    B/w One 43    M186
CH0106 The Chalet Club.    B/w One 45    M186
CH0107 Married Quarters, Facing the Sea.    B/w One 45    M186
CH0108 Inside the Chalet Club,- Run by the WVS for the NAAFI.    B/w One 46    M186
CH0109 Inside the Malcolm Club.    B/w One 46    M186
CH0110 Beaufighter.    B/w One 47    M186
CH0111 Entrance to Changi Camp.    B/w One 47    M186
CH0112 Skymaster Landing from Batania.    B/w One 48    M186
CH0113 Palau Brani Island from Changi.    B/w One 48    M186
CH0114 General View over Changi Camp.    B/w One 48    M186
CH0115 George Shaw, Top Floor, Block 121.    B/w One 49    M186
CH0116 DC6 Aircraft.    B/w One 49    M186
CH0117 George Shaw with the CO’s Spitfire.    B/w One 49    M186
CH0118 Mail’ Avro York.    B/w One 50    M186
CH0119 Duke of Gloucester Arriving at Changi. 16.30 Hours, 18.1.1947.    B/w One 50    M186
CH0120 Inside Block 121.    B/w One 50    M186
CH0121 Nos. 1 and 2 M.T. Sections. c1947-1950.    B/w One 51    M156
CH0122 Christmas Get Together in the Malcolm Club.    B/w One 52    M156
CH0123 No. 2 M.T. Section.    B/w One 52    M156
CH0124 Group of Servicemen.    B/w One 53    M450
CH0125 Richard Bennett and Brian Denis.    B/w One 54    M450
CH0126 Fred Berry and Ron Burridge.    B/w One 54    M450
CH0127 Unknown Airmen.    B/w One 54    M450
CH0128 Auster and Spitfire 14, Used by Group Captain Riley, O.C. Changi.    B/w One 55    M167
CH0129 Avro York Mail Plane.    B/w One 55    M167
CH0130 Lancastrian Carrying Ministers Dealing with the Rice Problems.    B/w One 55    M167
CH0131 Dakota of No. 48 Squadron.    B/w One 56    M167
CH0132 Arial View of Airfield, Looking Towards Singapore.    B/w One 56    M167
CH0133 Crashed Japanese ‘Dinah’ Medium Bomber.    B/w One 57    M167
CH0134 Sew Sews’ Outside of Billet.    B/w One 57    M167
CH0135 Part View of Camp, July 1946.    B/w One 58 Not Known
CH0136 Nose of Dakota Aircraft,   September 1946.    B/w One 58 Not Known
CH0137 Group of Airmen Including Jim Noble, 1947.    B/w One 59    M411
CH0138 Mixed Group Taken on Billet Block Balcony.    B/w One 59    M411
CH0139 Terry Noble and Kath.    B/w One 59    M411
CH0140 Partying Group.    B/w One 59    M411
CH0141 RAF Kallang, Singapore.    B/w One 59    M411
CH0143 Group on Sailing Boat.    B/w One 60    M411
CH0144 Terry Noble,Sister Jones and Flight Officer Reed.    B/w One 60    M411
CH0145 Group on Sailing Boat.    B/w One 60    M411
CH0146 AOC’s Parade 1946, Lead by Wing Commander Gordon Finlayson.    B/w One 61    M326
CH0147 Base Accounts Office Cricket Team, 1946.    B/w One 62    M621
CH0148 Changi All Services Cricket Team, To Play the Chinese, 1947    B/w One 63    M621
CH0149 Base Accounts Office Football Team, Changi Cup Winners 1947.    B/w One 63    M621
CH0150 The First Gloster Meteor, 1947.    B/w One 63    M621
CH0151 Roy King?    B/w One 63    M621
CH0152 Base Accounts Office Cricket Team, Stewart-Harris Cup Winners – 1947.    B/w One 64    M621
CH0153 Base Accounts Office Cricket Team which Played Ceylon Colonials,1946.    B/w One 64    M621
CH0154 United States Air Force Catalina.    B/w One 65    M101
CH0155 Motor Transport Section Yard.    B/w One 65    M101
CH0156 Changi Variety Club (Front- Attic Folk Club. Rear-Theatre Club)    B/w One 66    M101
CH0157 Chinese Junk Under Sail.    B/w One 66    M101
CH0158 Block 128 Football Team,1946.    B/w One 67    M620
CH0159 BPO Staff with Wing Commander Smith in the Centre.    B/w One 67    M620
CH0160 Changi Village, 1946.    B/w One 67    M620
CH0161 Gloster Meteor at Changi, the Pilot is Wing Commander ‘Bird’ Wilson.    B/w One 68    M620
CH0162 Changi Camp from the Air.    B/w One 68    M620
CH0163 Skymaster at Changi.    B/w One 68    M620
CH0164 BPO Staff.    B/w One 68    M620
CH0165 Block 128, c.1946-48.    B/w One 68    M620
CH0166 Flypast for Battle of Britain Parade Before Air Marshall Sir George Pirie.    B/w One 68    M620
CH0167 No. 7 Squadron Lancasters Over Changi,1947.    B/w One 69    M426
CH0168 Japanese Prisoners of War Emptying WC Pails.    B/w One 69    M426
CH0169 Airmen at the NAAFI Waggon.    B/w One 70    M426
CH0170 No. 7 Squadron Lancaster, April 1947.    B/w One 70    M426
CH0171 Motor Transport Section Personnel, 1947-1948.    B/w One 71 W.Allen
CH0172 Airfield Before the Metal Runway was Laid.    B/w One 73    M246
CH0173 First Gloster Meteor which Flew Over Padang onKing’s Birthday Parade, 1947    B/w One 73    M246
CH0174 Inside Room in Block 151, with Mural on Wall.    B/w One 74    M246
CH0175   Avro York on Mail Run.    B/w One 74    M246
CH0176 Arial view of Changi Gaol.    B/w One 75    M246
CH0177 Changi Gaol.    B/w One 76    M246
CH0178 Aerial Picture of Airfield.    B/w One 77    M246
CH0179 R. and I. Servicing Crew, No. 48 Squadron.    B/w One 79    M246
CH0180 Arial Picture of Airfield.    B/w One 78    M246
CH0181 Paddy Mc…….,Trev Badderly and Leslie Thomas.    B/w One 79    M246
CH0182 Front Part of Dakota Undergoing Engine Repairs.    B/w One 80    M246
CH0183 Aerial Picture of Airfield.    B/w One 80    M246
CH0184 Radar Section Workshop, c.1948-50.    B/w One 81    M060
CH0185 Radar Section Workshop, c.1948-50.    B/w One 81    M060
CH0186 Personnel Boarding a Handley Page Hastings, c.1948-50.    B/w One 81    M060
CH0187 John Shepherd, c.1948-50.    B/w One 81    M060
CH0188 View of Front of Block 140, 1949.    B/w One 81    M060
CH0189 Picture of Unknown Squadron Posed in Front of Hastings.    B/w One 82    M060
CH0190 Yacht Regatta/Racing off Changi.    B/w One 82    M060
CH0191 Entrance to Changi Camp.    B/w Two 1    M497
CH0192 Astra Theatre and Camp Cinema, c.1947-49.    B/w Two 1    M497
CH0193 Block 125.    B/w Two 1    M497
CH0194 Personnel of 110 Squadron, 1947    B/w Two 3    M162
CH0195 Outside 110 Squadron Adjutant’s Office, with Lyneham Based York.    B/w Two 3    M162
CH0196 Dakota No. KN373.    B/w Two 3    M162
CH0197 Squadron Leader Higgins’ Jeep Outside His Office.    B/w Two 4    M162
CH0198 110 Squadron Head Quarters 1947.    B/w Two 4    M162
CH0199 Maurice Jeanes (Sgt.) Outside Passenger Terminal.    B/w Two 4    M162
CH0200 Sgt. WOP/Air Jeanes.    B/w Two 4    M162