03 CH 0201 – 0300

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Serial No. Description Bw/Col Book No Page No Supplier
CH0201 Driver ‘Bahari’ with Staff Car.    B/w Two 7    M156
CH0202 Three Airmen with Humber Pullman Car.    B/w Two 7    M156
CH0203 Two Airmen and Two Cars.    B/w Two 8    M156
CH0204 Airman (Leonard Hill?) in Car.    B/w Two 8    M156
CH0205 Avro Lancaster of No. 7 Squadron, c1946-47.    B/w Two 9    M028
CH0206 Avro Lancaster of No. 7 Squadron, c1946-47.    B/w Two 9    M028
CH0207 Avro Lancasters of No. 7 Squadron on the dispersal, c1946-47.    B/w Two 9    M028
CH0208 Avro York, c1946-47.    B/w Two 9    M028
CH0209 DC6 “Flying Dutchman”,  c1946-47.    B/w Two 9    M028
CH0210 Interior of the “Astra” Cinema, c1946-47.    B/w Two 9    M028
CH0211 Douglas Dakota, c1946-47.    B/w Two 9    M028
CH0212 Gloster Meteor, the First Jet to Visit Changi in 1947.    B/w Two 10    M028
CH0213 A.C.F.E. Head Quarters Office Block, c1946-47.    B/w Two 10    M028
CH0214 Inside of the Airmen’s Mess, 1947.    B/w Two 10a    M028
CH0215 Inside of the NAAFI, c1946-47.    B/w Two 10a    M028
CH0216 Japanese Prisoners of War at Work, c1946-47.    B/w Two 10    M028
CH0217 KLM DC6 Skymaster,  c1946-47.    B/w Two 10    M028
CH0218 Stan Bacon in Front of a Mosquito,     c1946-47.    B/w Two 10    M028
CH0219 Block 117, Coming up the Hill from the Direction of Singapore Road, 1947.    B/w Two 10a    M028
CH0220 110 Squadron on Outing to Kota Tinngi.    B/w Two 11    M162
CH0221 Camp Workshops.    B/w Two 11    M162
CH0222 Block 144.    B/w Two 11    M162
CH0223 Changi Village 1947.    B/w Two 12   M066
CH0224 Mitchell B27 Bomber , Empire Training Squadron Visits Changi in 1947.    B/w Two 12    M066
CH0225 Japanese Prisoner of War.    B/w Two 60    M066
CH0226 John Sweeny.    B/w Two 15    M282
CH0227 John Sweeny and Two Friends.    B/w Two 15    M282
CH0228 John Sweeny and a Friend.    B/w Two 15    M282
CH0229 Two Airmen Ready for a Night Out,c1954-56.    B/w Two 15    M282
CH0230 John Sweeny and Friend About to Board a Bus in Changi Village, c1954-56.    B/w Two 15    M282
CH0231 John Sweeny and A N Other,    c1954-56    B/w Two 15    M282
CH0232 Changi Fire Section Yard.    B/w Two 15    M282
CH0233 Personnel of Nos. 1 and 2 M.T. Sections, 1948 – 1949.    B/w Two 16    M455
CH0234 Corporal Jock Hardie of the M.T. Section Playing the Piano.    B/w Two 16    M455
CH0235 110 Squadron Aircrew, 1947.    B/w Two 17    M162
CH0236 A Mix of No. 110 and No. 52 Squadron Aircrews, 1947.    B/w Two 17    M162
CH0237 Christmas Day, 1947, in the Sergeant’s Mess.    B/w Two 17    M162
CH0238 110 Squadron Aircrew Outside of Training Office, 1947.    B/w Two 19    M162
CH0239 Dakotas on the Dispersal, 1947.    B/w Two 19    M162
CH0240 Collecting the Packages after the Supply Drop Demonstration, 1947.    B/w Two 19    M162
CH0241 110 Squadron Personnel, Outside of Squadron Office, 1947    B/w Two 22    M162
CH0242 No. 48, 52 and 110 Squadron Dispersal and Offices, with Runway in Backgr’d    B/w Two 20    M162
CH0243 Formation Flypast Taken from the Air.    B/w Two 20    M162
CH0244 Demonstration of a Supply Free Fall Drop, 1947.    B/w Two 20    M162
CH0245 As above    B/w Two 20    M162
CH0246 2258743 Corporal Nunn, Outside of No. 110 Squadron Offices, 1947.    B/w Two 20    M162
CH0247 Sports Day 1947, the Chalet Club, to the Rear of the ‘Padang’.    B/w Two 21    M028
CH0248 Spectators at the Sports Day.    B/w Two 21    M028
CH0249 The Ladies Egg and Spoon Race.    B/w Two 21    M028
CH0250 Two Airmen in Changi Village.    B/w Two 22    M028
CH0251 Drinking Party in Block 140.    B/w Two 23    M590
CH0252 Noticeboard of Air Command Far East H.Q. and Air H.Q. ‘Malaya’.    B/w Two 23    M590
CH0253 Arthur James About to go on Guard Duty.    B/w Two 23    M590
CH0254 The Beach at Kampong Ayer Gemurur, c1948.    B/w Two 24    M590
CH0255 Changi Barrack Stores, c1948-50.    B/w Two 24    M590
CH0256 Arthur James in Casual Attire.    B/w Two 24    M590
CH0257 Changi Village, c1948-50.    B/w Two 25    M590
CH0258 Changi Police Station.    B/w Two 25    M590
CH0259 Inside of Block 117, Middle Floor, c.1948-50.    B/w Two 25    M590
CH0260 Christmas Dinner Party, in the Airmens’ Mess, 1948.    B/w Two 27    M455
CH0261 Birthday Party, Somewhere in Changi Village.    B/w Two 27    M455
CH0262 John Deering and Brenda Briggs Wedding Day, 25.3.1950.    B/w Two 28    M455
CH0263 The ‘Astra’ Camp Cinema.    B/w Two 29    M016
CH0264 Gun Barrel of 15″ Gun, (Was it Pointing in the Wrong Direction?)    B/w Two 30    M016
CH0265 Aircraft on the Dispersal, Opposite the Offices.    B/w Two 31    M016
CH0266 Airmens’ Mess, on the Ground Floor.    B/w Two 31    M016
CH0267 Bedok Corner, Approximately Three Miles from the City, on the Way to Changi    B/w Two 32    M016
CH0268 Motor Transport Section.    B/w Two 32    M016
CH0269 Flight Commander of 33 Squadron.    B/w Two 33    M016
CH0270 Football Game Next to the Barrack Blocks.    B/w Two 34    M016
CH0271 Thomas Holmes (?) with Companion and Ammunition for 15″ Gun.    B/w Two 34    M016
CH0272 Supply Droppjng to the Devonshire Regiment,in the Malayan Jungle.    B/w Two 35    M224
CH0273 Same as the Above.    B/w Two 35    M224
CH0274 Same as the Above.    B/w Two 36    M224
CH0275 Sergeant Jeanne Grimsey, Married Name White.    B/w Two 36    M224
CH0276 Royal Air Force Changi Signboard.    B/w Two 37    M065
CH0277 Motor Transport Section Dance in the Malcolm Club, 24.7.1948.    B/w Two 39    M066
CH0278 Same as the Above.    B/w Two 39    M066
CH0279 Concrete Defence Position.    B/w Two 43    M231
CH0280 Defence Position Overlooking the Sea.    B/w Two 43    M231
CH0281 Japanese Suicide Aircraft.    B/w Two 43    M231
CH0282 The Fire Section Viewed from Across the Rear of Block 139.    B/w Two 44    M231
CH0283 Gordon Howlett, Malay Worker, Bill Baker and Jock Coyle.    B/w Two 45    M280
CH0284 Timber Woods, Bill Baker, Gordon Howlett Malay Worker and Jock Coyle.    B/w Two 45    M280
CH0285 Two   Airmen on Barrack Block Landing.    B/w Two 46    M280
CH0286 Officers of the Far East Communications Squadron, C.O. S/Leader Wainwright    B/w Two 47    M104
CH0287 Far East Communications Squadron Personnel.    B/w Two 47    M104
CH0288 Scene from ‘On The Straight’ 1949 – 1950.    B/w Two 48 M239
CH0289 Scene fropm ‘On The Straight’ 1949 – 1950.    B/w Two 48 M239
CH0290 Cast from ‘On The Straight’.    B/w Two 48 M239
CH0291 SASS Personnel with Visiting Avro York Aircraft.    B/w Two 49    M438
CH0292 Avro York on the Dispersal, 1950.    B/w Two 49    M438
CH0293 Some of the SASS Lads in 1950.    B/w Two 51    M438
CH0294 Naafi Up’ on the SASS Line 1950.    B/w Two 53    M438
CH0295 Naafi Break Time.    B/w Two 53    M438
CH0296 View of Air Strips from above.    B/w Two 55    M253
CH0297 The Police Station in Changi Village, c1958-61.    B/w Two 55    M253
CH0298 Traffic Control Point where the Runway and the Road Met, c1958-61.    B/w Two 56    M253
CH0299 Temple Hill Officers Mess.    B/w Two 56    M253
CH0300 Review of Armed Forces by Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh Pugh Lloyd, CinC FEAF    B/w Two 58    M311