Changi Infant School

These pictures have been sent to us by Keith Paul, who was a
pupil at Changi Infant School 1968-70 and now lives in
New Zealand.

He sent the following details with the pictures:

We used to live at 267 Upper East Coast Rd
Here are some of the photos, 1968 to 1970 Changi infant school
The teachers were Miss Mchale, Mrs Rich,Miss McKnight
The 1st photo showing the helicopter side door front photo:
2nd row from back 1st on right thats me Keith Paul and the other fellow front row 2nd in from right was Lloyd Wheeler.
I dont know any of the names as it has been too long.
If anyone wants to contact me they can feel free, I am based in New Zealand now.
If anyone out there recognises any of the children or teachers (they may have changed a bit since then!) please get in touch with either Tony Holt (Webmaster) or Brian Lloyd (Press, publicity and Searchline).

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