Mike James.

RAFCA Mem. No. M0001. (Founder Member)
Rank at Changi – Senior Aircraftsman.
Trade/Position – Teleprinter Operator.


One afternoon, (about 13.15hrs). I  & a Malayan Air Force friend were walking up Tangmere Road on our way to the Mess for our Midday Meal, after our Stint at Comcen Changi. We weren’t talking about anything in particular, or looking where we were walking. Just that we were on the pavement and to the left was the grass verge and Monsoon Drain and the road.

Suddenly, for no reason at all, I appeared to float into the air, and travelled about 10 feet more up the pavement.
Choo, (I think his name was), came up to me, poised as if to ask me how I had performed such an unusual movement. I stopped him to point to what I had just floated over. There wriggling across the pavement was a small black snake, known locally as a Boot-lace. Had I been bitten by it, my life would not have lasted very much longer.
Now the incredible thing about the whole incident is this:

  1. I did not see the Snake.
  2. I did not smell the Snake.
  3. I did not hear the Snake.

So how did I come to float? I just do not know. I certainly didn’t Jump, or make any attempt to jump whatsoever. I have never been able to fathom this out, neither has anyone else I’ve spoken to on the subject.

It has always been a complete mystery.