Rougham 2011

Rougham Air Show, 2011.

On Saturday and Sunday 13th. and 14th. August Margaret and I manned the Association’s stand at Rougham Airfield, in Suffolk.  We had erected the gazebo on the Friday evening when the weather had been dry, but on the following day we awoke to overcast skies and a forecast promising showers. By nine o’clock we had laid out our display material and were ready to greet the punters when the rain started. For the next three hours it varied between fine drizzle and heavy showers, subsequently not many people turned up.  By mid-day the weather had improved and I was invited to speak to the masses (?), over the public address system, to promote the RAF Changi Association. From then on the weather improved and more people arrived, resulting in the two of us being kept quite busy answering the enquiries from visitors to our stand, until the flying display started about two o’clock. Luckily we had been allocated a site next to the flight lines, so we still got a few more visitors, and were able to watch the aircraft in flight which was quite impressive and enjoyable, as we saw bi-planes and tri-planes from the First World War, a variety of Second world War planes, an autogyro and a pair of Folland Gnats.

Sunday was a different day entirely, the sun came out, the temperature climbed and the crowds poured in, by mid-day the place was heaving and we were kept very busy. The flying display was basically the same as for the previous day, but in addition there was a display of vintage and classic cars and motorcycles in considerable numbers, along with old commercial and military vehicles, in fact something of interest for most of those present. A great day all-around.

On reflection the week end had been a success, we had received a few membership enquiries which were passed on for Malcolm Flack to follow up. Much interest had been generated by the small number of archive albums that were available for viewing, and as usual the troopship panel always brings in people from other than the RAF, from people that remember travelling on troopships and ex-seamen who worked on them.  The size of the program at this air show makes the entrance fee, of £20.00 per person, quite acceptable in comparison with similar events, and they do have price concessions for children and us “old scroats”. I am looking forward to retuning for the 2012  Rougham Air Show.

-John Dicks.