Shoreham 2011

Shoreham Air Show, 2011.

Shoreham Air Show for the second time in two years fell on the week-end immediately following Rougham Air Show, which does cause a few problems, especially as it always seems to basically be the same people being involved

This year we opted to keep to the same format as for previous years, so Terry Barnes and I erected our gazebo, on our usual site, on the Friday evening which generally simplifies things the next morning. Due to circumstances beyond our control we only had skeleton staff on duty for both days this year, a situation that we take definite steps to redress in time for next year.

According to the forecast, for both Saturday and Sunday, we could expect fine weather with occasional showers, which never really materialised, so the crowds gradually built up, and there was plenty for them to see on the many stands of other organisations, and looking at the many aircraft parked on the flight lines.  Terry and I soon found ourselves answering queries, collecting membership enquiries and meeting up with friend that we had made on previous years.  Lunch time was a bit of a problem, as there was only the two of us manning our stand, so I left Terry to it, on his own, while I had a look around on my way to the refreshment area before returning with our Shoreham diet of Cornish pasties and a pint of Spitfire ale each.

Shoreham Air Show is one of the best shows around with a vast array of flying entertainment, from World War One planes to present day jets and helicopters, the flying is continuous for about four to five hours, marred this year only by the news that one of the Red Arrows had crashed at Bournemouth Air Show.

Sunday we handed over to team “B”, comprising Anne Moore and Malcolm Flack, who apparently had an even busier day than we had, with more membership enquiries to be pursued, culminating with a visit from Winnie and Peter Mersh, members who live in Tonbridge Wells, who provided some much appreciated assistance.

Once again Shoreham, I can honestly say. have come up trumps with a another first class show. One that we all enjoy attending, as we have done over the past six or seven years. If only it did not occur so close to Rougham’s event it would be perfect, still unlike the television companies we cannot dictate when these things should happen.  Roll on next year.

-John Dicks.