01 CH 0001 – 0100


Japanese Prisoners Constructing the Runway, c1945.

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2 Responses to CH0001

  1. Jill Robertson says:

    Would you be able to help with Changi RAF airmen from Java to the prison in March 1943 records? This photo is c.1945, which seems your records don’t go back that far.

  2. Hi Jill
    I am the Membership Secretary of the RAF Changi Association, I just noticed your comment left way back in Feb 2018 on our Website photo ref no. CH 0001 . Whilst our association is for the years 1945 – 72. I have a some books which cover RAF/Army/Navy personnel during the occupation. So, if you send me an e-mail to MemSecChangiu@telco4u.net and with your home phone number as it would be easier to communicate, then perhaps I could help you in your research which I guess is about a family member and who may be listed in a book that I have about POW’s in the Far East. But otherwise sorry I do not have any other pictures.
    r. pwe can have a chat , and maybe I might be able yo help you with some info. which could be in acn r e-ebrship[